Redefining Standards

Exclusive, cutting-edge, and superior: The newly released AULUMA AUTAX grinder redefines the standard for efficient, precise resharpening of all standard double-knife and standard blade knives with unmatched quality.

Embrace a groundbreaking approach to your sharpening needs with this semi-automatic grinder.

Adaptable Grinding Angles and Flexible Adjustments

Sharpen any common knife type with the adjustable grinding angle. Secure the knife once without needing further adjustments. Quickly alternate between two preset angles, readable from user-friendly scales. Fine-tune the grinding depth with ease.

Schleifautomat  AULUMA AUTAX

Premium BOSCH Angle Grinder and Ceramic Disc

This grinder comes with a BOSCH angle grinder featuring adjustable speed for perfect results, reaching the deepest parts of the blade. The innovative ceramic disc prevents overheating and preserves blade hardness.


Manual Angle Setup and Swiveling - Automated Grinding

Manually set the angles, then let the automated system, equipped with an optical sensor, find the first blade to start the automatic grinding. Once a blade is fully sharpened, the machine shuts off automatically.

Manually swivel the carriage to sharpen the blade’s other side automatically.

Schleifautomat Grinder

Stable, Wear-Resistant Movement with Ball-Bearing Rollers

Its robust design ensures minimal wear. The zinc-coated rollers and guides fit seamlessly, enabling smooth, stable movements.

The new AULUMA AUTAX grinder is also available in a mobile version with maneuverable rollers and a locking brake.

3 Meter
4 Meter
Max Blade Length
2,4 Meter
3,4 Meter
Adjustable Knife Holders
4 pieces
5 pieces
Full Blade Sharpening Capability
Infinitely Adjustable Angles
Special Ceramic Grinding Wheel
Infinitely Adjustable Angles
Infinitely Adjustable Grinding Depth
Scales for Both Grinding Angles
3-Axis Adjustment for the Grinding Carriage
Ball-Bearing Mounted Guide Rollers
Angle Grinder
BOSCH with variable Speed
BOSCH with variable Speed
Feet with Swivel Casters with Brakes

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